Sleep apnea and PTSD linked to poor quality including life: Study

Patients with post traumatic pressure disorder (PTSD) and anti snoring have been found to have bad quality of life, a lot more sleepiness, and less sticking to sleep apnea solutions. The study performed 250 sleep studies on military medical sufferers with PTSD and discovered that nearly half of them had sleep apnea. Most of these patients were compared to additional 50 equalled patients with snoring but not PTSD, in addition to 50 patients seeing that controls without PTSD and sleep apnea.

When the were compared, patients with PTSD as well as sleep apnea showed to get worsened quality of life, higher sleepiness, and were being less likely to adhere or maybe respond to sleep apnea remedy.

The results show that PTSD patients should be assessed not only for sleep apnea, but also to ensure they are pursuing their treatment ideas for the condition, as it might lead to numerous health complications when left untreated.

The findings were published throughout Chest.

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